The advanced business factor analysis tool

With better customer analytics, predictive analytics and statistical modeling, advanced analytics helps companies improve decision-making and keep pace with extremely competitive and changing markets.

Why is advanced analytics so important today?

Nowadays, advanced analytics is an essential tool for all types of companies due to its great advantages and its competitive capacity. While in the past only the historical ones we had were analyzed, with this new tool we have at our descriptive disposal, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Make informed decisions

The use of advanced analytics is essential in the digital transformation of many companies, because thanks to the exhaustive analysis of data, we can base the decisions we make on real-time information and not on assumptions, instinct or points of view. Contact Quartup Focus delivers custom application analytics, performance analytics, and predictive insights powered by machine learning. Extend the pre-designed model to meet your specific needs and offer a comprehensive, coherent and collaborative view of the entire company. It provides deeper analysis of the factors that affect revenue, costs, and profitability with analysis of historical, prospective, and trend data.

Advanced Analytics Use Cases

Supply Chain Optimization

Advanced analytics help a supply chain react quickly to changes in market conditions, including market demand, customer preferences, and cost fluctuations. And in manufacturing, it helps reduce distribution costs, avoid delays or machinery failures and streamline processes.

Marketing and sales analysis

With advanced analytics, companies will be able to create personalized marketing and sales campaigns to reduce spending on inefficient strategies, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, thus improving the customer experience.

Risk analysis

Advanced analytics techniques can be used to detect fraud in payments and orders or even to monitor the opinion among current customers.

Benefits of Focus Analitycs

Powerful and flexible

System powered by machine learning, which helps improve business performance.

Rapid deployment

Quickly implement continuously updated KPI Dashboards and Indicators.

Comprehensive, coherent and collaborative vision

The system offers a vision congruent with the company, so that it meets your specific needs.

Custom analysis

It offers custom application analytics, performance analytics, and predictive insights.

Key indicators

They support decision-making that allows the identification of problems and the actions necessary to address them.

Reduce costs and improve profitability

Maximize the value of Quartup ERP with rapid deployment and accessible pre-configured analytics.