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Process digitalization

Connect your data, workflows and applications

Create Apps to automate employee workflows

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Generate Apps for the company instantly, without the need for programming.

Integrates data with any proprietary or third party application, without programming

Out-of-the-box functionality and unlimited scalability

Create different web and mobile applications without programming and tailored to the user's needs.

Connect your data, workflows and teams.

No-Code Advantages

Savings on training and immediate return on investment

Immediate process automation

Easy integration with any type of ERP, management software, third-party app or device

Kapture Data Benefits

Business Process Management

Design, execute, manage and optimize complex processes with our intelligent business process management.

Use cases

Solve cases faster by automating corporate work with our tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Make your applications smarter and process large volumes of forms with integrated Artificial Intelligence.


User configurable to automate tasks, forms and templates.

Online y Offline

It works connected to the Internet as well as offline and without data loss.


Plug&Play type of implementation with no programming required, just configuration.

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