Quartup Intuition extrae datos para la automatización de procesos empresariales

Automates manual data entry

Intuition extracts text and structured data from scanned or photographed documents using Artificial Intelligence to automate business processes.

Beneficit Intiution

Fast deployment


No templates


Receive documents from any channel

No matter the file format or communication channel, we extract the data you need reliably and securely.

Automatically understands documents

Automating communication is much more than old-school OCR.

Artificial intelligence technology turns human-readable into machine-readable from day one.

Communicate and act

Sends automatic confirmations, correction requests or status updates required by trading partners.

Adds semantic validation as a document recognition and classification strategy.

Post your invoices faster than ever

More than 90% of all invoices are processed manually.

This fact represents a great investment of time, money and resources for companies.

Thanks to Machine Learning technology, our solution allows to automate the validation and extraction of invoice data to make administrative departments more efficient.

  1. Capture and recognize data from any invoice design from day one. No need to configure rules or templates. Up to 98% accuracy.
  2. Rapid implementation: Quickly implement Intuition into your billing and invoice validation process.
  3. 6 times faster than manual data entry.
  4. Continuous improvement: learns from each new invoice processed.
  5. Automatically validates and integrates extracted data with your ERP or accounting system.

How does the data extraction system work?

Main use cases


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